About Joanne

Occupational Therapist

Joanne is a Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist with experience spanning over 25 years. She works with numerous agencies including the NHS, private/public sectors and charities. Her experience is diverse and
extensive enabling Joanne to be a true holistic practitioner. She treats the whole person whether the illness, disability or trauma is of physical or psychological origin. Joanne is experienced in assessing and conducting intervention with older adults especially those diagnosed with Dementia and Alzheimer’s. One of Joanne’s roles is as a case manager assisting Solicitors and employers in achieving the best outcome for their clients. Another role is within the Central Lancashire NHS Community Pain Management and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME. Joanne has extensive experience working in and researching fatigue and founded the North West Fatigue Clinic. She combines analysing activity patterns, encouraging a healthy balance of activities and developing graded return-to-work or education plans. Joanne has a diploma in Mindfulness and uses relaxation and mindfulness as a treatment option.

Joanne conducts assessments and intervention with an individual at home and can provides treatment via Skype and telephone. She will provide detailed Initial Needs Assessments and will action all recommendations. Joanne works with experienced trade’s people to ensure that all recommendations are completed and finished to a high standard within a timely manner.

In addition to her clinical expertise Joanne has a business background following eight years as a Managing Director for an award winning care home and four years as Clinical Director in the North West Fatigue Clinic. Her patients appreciate her empathetic, compassionate, structured and empowering approach which helps build strong therapeutic relationships.

In 2015 Joanne won the  Lancashire Care NHS Trust Care with Compassion award out of 7,000 people for her work in Palliative Care.

Outside of work she enjoys walking, travelling and the theatre.