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Occupational Therapy Assessment

As an Occupational Therapist I can provide practical support to empower, facilitate recovery and overcome barriers preventing you from conducting the activities and meaningful occupations that matter to you. An Occupational Therapist’s aim is to support and to increase individual’s independence and satisfaction in all aspects of their life.

Specialist Intervention

When individuals cannot participate effectively in activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, climbing stairs, making a meal, going shopping or to work , an occupational therapist has the ideal skill mix to work with that person in improving their functional capacity and therefore quality of life. I can help you develop or recover daily living and work skills through the use of purposeful activity and equipment and adaptations.

Equipment and Adaptations

With a huge range of assistive equipment and adaptation options available, making the right choice can often be a worrying and daunting decision. How do you know what is available, what equipment to choose, will it be suitable for you and how do you know if a supplier is reputable? OT Solutions can help provide answers to these questions alongside expert, independent advice.